March 1, 2017

Kudu Exchange

Supply Chain

WMS Integration

Kudu is fully integrated with the FORT Systems warehouse management platform

Gold Mountain benefits from a robust supply chain infrastructure that has been built out and proven for over a decade in the wine industry.  

  • Seamless distribution management
  • Rules by user groups, product class type, etc.
  • Detailed reporting  
  • Sales and excise tax management
  • Real time compliance verification
  • Unlimited users and products

FORT warehouse management system was built for complex shipping and fulfillment environments:

  • Multi-tenant platform with detailed permissions mgmt
  • All major couriers integrated; print any label from your own printer
  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Crossdocking, receiving, transfers, etc.
  • Configurable zones & compliance rules

The Kudu Exchange marketplace enables fast, efficient and accurate transactions between professional buyers and suppliers:

  • Robust product & order management for suppliers
  • Fast browsing and order placing for buyers
  • Buy on terms / credit / credit card
  • Connect with only desired buyers / suppliers
  • Communicate directly through Kudu Inmail